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Coverage A – Dwelling

The dwelling coverage will pay for damage caused by a covered loss to your dwelling and attached structures. This includes: Materials on or adjacent to your location which are used to construct, alter, or repair the dwelling. You must check your policy for limits that apply.

Coverage B- Other Structures

This coverage is for other structures at your address which are detached from your house. This includes structures connected to your dwelling by a fence or utility line. There is now coverage for other structures used for business purposes. A business is defined as a full or part-time trade or profession. There is no coverage for other structures rented to or held for rental to any person, not a tenant of the dwelling, unless used as a private garage only.

Coverage C – Personal Property

This provides coverage for your personal property or property used by you anywhere in the world. This coverage extends to property temporarily away from your home address. The limit for off-premises property is 10% of the limit of coverage C, or $1,000 which ever is greater.

Personal Property Limits Property Not Insured
A. $200 on money, gold and silver  Bullion, coins and medals A) Animals, birds, or fish
B. $1,500 on securities, evidence Debt, tickets and stamps B) Motor vehicles – their  accessories, equipment, or parts 
C) $1,500 watercraft, including  Trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard motors C) Mounted Camper bodies
D) $1,500 on trailers not used with watercraft D) Aircraft – their parts and equipment
E) $1,500 for loss by theft of Jewelry and precious stones E) Articles separately described
F) $2,500 for loss by theft of firearms F) Any device, accessories or antennas designed for reproducing, recovering  transmitting or recording sound or  pictures which could be connected to  the electrical system of a motor vehicle,  farm equipment, or watercraft while in  such vehicle
G) $2,500 for loss by theft of silver or gold ware G) Property of roomers, boarders, and other  tenants not related to you
H) $2,500 for property in your dwelling used for business and $500 for business property away from your dwelling H) Farm personal property commonly used  in connection with a farming operation
I) $1,500 – Collectibles and fine art I) Property in transit by a common carrier 
J) $1,000 – Golf carts  


Coverage D – Additional Living Expense

This coverage will pay for the reasonable increase of your living expenses while you reside somewhere else after your dwelling has been made uninhabitable by a covered loss.

Coverage E – Additional Coverage

1. Debris Removal: The company will pay your reasonable expense for the removal of debris after a covered loss. This amount is included in the limit of coverage for your property. If the loss exceeds the limit of coverage for your property, up to an additional 5% of the limits of coverage may be paid. A limit of $500 for removal of trees applies to covered losses if the tree has caused damage to your dwelling.
2. Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants: The company will pay up to 5% of the dwelling limit for trees and ornamentals damaged by – fire, lightning, explosion, riot of civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles not owned by an insured person, vandalism or malicious mischief, or theft. No more than $500 will be paid for any one tree or plant. Trees or plants grown for business purposes are not covered nor are trees and plants more than 100 feet from the dwelling.
3. Credit Card, Electronic Fund Card, Access Device, Forgery, and Counterfeit Money: The company will pay up to $500 for: the legal obligation of an insured person to pay because of the theft or unauthorized use of credit cards, electronic fund transfer card, caused by forgery or alteration of any check, or the acceptance in good faith of counterfeit United States or Canadian paper currency.


The dwelling and other structures (Coverage A and B) are covered for all risks of direct physical loss except those excluded in the policy.

The personal property is covered for direct physical loss caused by the following named perils:
1. Fire or Lightning
2. Windstorm or Hail
3. Explosion
4. Riot or Civil Commotion
5. Aircraft
6. Vehicles
7. Smoke – Sudden and accidental
8. Vandalism or Malicious Mischief
9. Theft – not committed by you
10.Falling Objects
11. Weight of Ice, Snow, or Sleet
12. Accidental Discharge or Water  Overflow or Steam
13. Sudden and Accidental Tearing Apart, Cracking, Burning, or Bulging of a Steam or Hot Water System
14. Freezing
15. Sudden and Accidental Damage From Artificially Generated Electrical Current
16. Volcanic Eruption


1. Earth Movement
2. Water Damage – Meaning - Flood or surface water
3. Loss of retaining walls when such loss is caused by landslide water pressure of earth movement
4. Enforcement of any ordinance or Law regulating the use, construction, repair, or demolition of a building or other structure
5. Any property while operated in any race or contest, used for hire or used in an unlawful activity
6. Nuclear Reaction or Radioactive contamination
7. Power Failure 
8. Neglect 
9. War 
10. Intentional Loss
11. Government Action
12. Illegal Substance
13. Sound Equipment – Meaning electronic equipment in a motor vehicle 


Whenever your home has been vacant, unoccupied, or abandoned for more than sixty consecutive days, payment for covered losses will not be made.

As long as you maintain the dwelling limit of coverage for at least 80% of the rebuilding cost of the dwelling structure and you have elected the replacement cost coverage your losses will be settled without deduction for depreciation on the cost to repair or replace the damaged property. However, no more than the limit of coverage will be paid. We can and do survey your home to calculate the rebuilding cost of your home in the area where you live. The rebuilding cost is published by a national appraisal firm and is accepted by the insurance industry. A copy of this estimate should be given to you by your agent when he/she provides a quote and you should review the accuracy of the rebuilding cost estimate.

If you choose, your personal property may be insured for replacement cost. Replacement Cost Coverage will replace your personal property after a covered loss without deduction for depreciation. The items must be replaced by items of like kind and quality and proof of purchase must be made within 180 days from the date of loss. Certain types of property, because of their nature cannot be replaced and will be paid at the ACTUAL CASH VALUE or market value. Antiques, fine art, paintings, and collectibles are examples of such items. You should discuss with your agent how to specifically insure such high value or rare items.

If you do not choose the replacement cost coverage option for your dwelling or personal property, an ACTUAL CASH VALUE policy may be written. The ACV policy does deduct for depreciation as part of the loss settlement for any damaged property after a covered loss. You should discuss with your agent the ACV loss settlement and when it may be in play for a covered loss.

The policy coverage pages of your policy will show all coverage options you have selected. The property coverage limits and deductibles will be shown on the coverage pages.


Coverage E – Personal Liability

The company will defend you and pay any claim brought against you for damage because of bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident. The company will pay up to the limit shown on the coverage page of your policy.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

The company will pay the necessary medical expenses that are the result of an accident that causes bodily injury. The accident must occur at your home and the injured person must be there with your permission.

Liability Exclusions

There is no coverage under Section II for the following:

1. Injury or damage caused intentionally by you.
2. Arising out of the operation of a business
3. Arising out of premises owned by you or rented to others not listed on the coverage pages of your policy
4. Arising out of ownership of a motor vehicle, except those used to service your premises or a golf cart when used on a golf course to play golf
5. ATVs while used off the insured premises /> 6. Arising out of the ownership or use of watercraft with inboard, inboard/outboard or outboard motors unless the outboard motor is less than 25 horse power. This includes sail boats 26 feet or more in length
7. Arising out of the transmission of a disease through sexual contact
8. Arising out of sexual molestation, corporal punishment or physical or mental abuse
9. Personal injury

NOTE: This is not an insurance policy nor is it meant to be one. It is a brief overview of several of the policies we can provide. Please consult your insurance contract or your agent for actual terms and conditions for any insurance policy you have or may wish to secure. />